handpoked Pig Pen on JD BANKE

instagram: ruffenough

handpoked geometry on Haylie

instagram: ruffenough

hand poked black toof on shannon perry

THE WORLD hand poked on Lindsey

stick’n’poke eyeball on Birdsall

some stick’n’poke geometry on Anna

stick’n’poke “cunt” candy heart from the Vignette’s Love Party. 

Hand poked spit trail manga panel on Ian Toms. Based on this image. 

rings from a bloody mary, on Gavin. hand poked. 

Updated shot of Kay’s peacock feather. Handpoked. 

is he rich like me? banner on Birdsall. stick n poke.

stick n poke “quick and easy” can opener on Nigel

C.A.M. monogram on Laura

gemini kitties on Haylie. (drawn by Marc Johns)

cough/cool on Birdsall